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Collection: Japanese Wagyu '和牛'

"Wa" 和 - The direct translation to how Japan was referred to in ancient times
"Gyu" 牛 - Beef

Wagyu refers to domestic cattle from Japan with a specific bloodline and breed specially deemed by the Wagyu association of Japan.

Wagyu from Japan and Wagyu from outside Japan has its distinct differentiation and quality in taste profile. Certain countries practice selective breeding to enhance the quality of their cattle. To improve the marbling and quality of meat, they may choose to import a pure Japanese Wagyu cattle from Japan to breed with their local cattle. Depending on how distant the bloodline is from the pure Japanese cattle, that individual cattle will be graded respectively.

Japanese cattle is generally graded on a "A" grade from 1 to 5 with A5 being the highest of quality. Non pure breed Japanese Wagyu may be graded by an "F" scale or USDA, etc.

Different farms in Japan practice different techniques of breeding with their cattle feed kept in top secrecy. Each farm only rears a handful of cattle per season to ensure best attention, love and care for every individual cattle. Don't be surprise if you hear melodious music and smell the strong scent of beer/sake if you happen to be near a Wagyu farm in Japan.

With the strict criteria of breeding Wagyu in Japan, comes with the premium price tags but it makes it all worthwhile once you chew on that succulent piece of Wagyu.