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Sashimi Grade Buri (Yellow Tail) Block

Sashimi Grade Buri (Yellow Tail) Block

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Most commonly known as the Yellowtail Amberjack, this fish has slightly more oil compared to most white fish, which gives it a creamy texture. A smooth bite with a milky feel.

Harvested from Shishi Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, this premium grade fish is blast frozen after processing to retain it's original freshness - perfect for sashimi, sushi and even your DIY Chirashi Don in the comfort of your home.

The fish is peeled and individually packed into 2 blocks (approx 400g) and comes vacuum frozen for your convenience.

When kept properly in the freezer, this product can last up to 2 months.


 What You Require For Aburi Buri Chirashi:

Butane torch for charring
Japanese Rice
1 Rice cooker cup (150g), yields 330 g of cooked rice - about 2 portions
You may be feeling a little lazy and want to grab the Microwavable steamed Japanese rice (Fuss free) option