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Top Ideas for Valentine's Days (2 min)

Many fret over 14 February to celebrate love with the significant other - creating special memories that last a lifetime. While going out for that romantic date is a popular choice, we are seeing an increasing trend in couples looking to celebrate Valentine's Day at home.

If the post pandemic introvert in you still exists for Valentine's Day 2024, we promise to jazz up your Valentine's Day with these unique Valentine's Day ideas in the comfort of your own home.

Best of all, there is no need to burst the bank to smitten the girlfriend or wife.

Picnic / Glamping

Hotel staycations can be rather expensive for Valentine's Day. So how about personalising your own romantic picnic and glamping experience?

All you need are your favourite snacks, a tub of ice cream, a soft furry rug and tons of really comfy pillows.

Find a cozy little corner in your room, lay out your rug and pile the pillows up. Choose to take it up a notch with a touch of fairy lights and a sexy scent.

Then pray for a stormy steamy night and let the cuddling begin.

Baking Hacks

Get creative in the kitchen, whip out some simple IG/Tiktok recipes of cakes and chocolates together with your partner.

Alternatively, you can also impress by melting high quality chocolate and recooling them into bon bon molds for an easy way out.

Several fail-proof brands for us are Godiva, Venchi and Ghirardelli.

No one said anything about not using a cheat sheet.

Couple's Art Session

Set up an area with canvases, paints, brushes, and art supplies. Create some couple's art, whether it's painting a shared canvas or designing a collage. Get messy then proceed to the DIY spa retreat in the next point. Reason or excuse, we leave it up to you.

Go ahead and "draw me like one of your French girls".

Private Spa Retreat

How about a private spa retreat for just the two of you?

Fill the bathroom with scented candles,tub or no tub, we leave you with the planning to keep the hugs and kisses going all night long.

Romantic Dinner

Skip the queue and upmarket menu prices.

Turn your dining area into an intimate candlelit dining for two. Go for easy preparation that makes you a culinary expert without taking too much time.

Hyogo oysters that shuck easily set the mood for the candlelight dinner.

Followed by caviar with plain crackers for entree.

Dish out some freshly cooked Japanese rice and top it with ikura and uni to complete the meal.

End the dinner with a bottle of sweet sake to start the night.

Remember to plan early.

Most of the DIY ideas above should still work 1 week prior.

For the procrastinator in you, all the best!

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