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Collection: Premium Grade Uni

What is Uni?

Uni is the gonads (reproductive organs) of the sea urchin. Each sea urchin only has 5 pieces of Uni hence making it a prized possession. The gonads are typically a vibrant orange or yellow color and have a creamy, buttery texture with a distinct and rich flavour. There are close to a thousand varieties of sea urchins but we only harvest several of them for Uni consumption. 

What is the difference between Narabi and Bara Uni

Narabi refers to the placement of sea urchin gonads in a neat, aligned pattern. The uni is carefully extracted intact, preserving its shape and presentation. This arrangement enhances the visual appeal of the dish and is often favoured for aesthetic appeal.

Alternatively, Bara refers to uni presentation in a looser, more scattered placement. The uni quality and flavor is usually still excellent but lacks the precise arrangement found in Narabi Uni.

The choice between Narabi and Bara ultimately depends on personal preference on the desired visual presentation.

Japanese Uni

The Bafun Uni is generally available all year round. However, we do bring in (Shiro) Murasaki Uni when it is in season.

Bafun compared to Murasaki, is generally sweeter with an orange to red hue.
Murasaki carries a stronger ocean brine, is larger in size and creamier.

American Uni

Although rather unheard of, the American Green Uni is gaining popularity amongst Uni lovers in Singapore in recent months. These oceanic gems thrive in the east coast of North America and are still relatively lower priced compared to Japanese Uni due to its underrated status.

The American Green is yellow in colour with a similar taste profile to the Japanese Murasaki, yet sweeter.