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Best Season to Harvest Sea Urchin (2 min)

As uni lovers, you must have wondered why the taste of this delicacy varies with the seasons.

Most sea urchins are seasonal in terms of their quality and availability. The variation depends on the region and species. Here, we let you into our simple guide to uni and their seasons.

Winter to Early Spring
In many regions, sea urchins are at their peak during this period. They tend to have a higher quality and more abundant roe (uni). The colder waters and increased food availability during winter contribute to the development of plump and flavorful uni.

Summer to Autumn
The quality of uni during this time may not be as desirable as during the peak season. Sea urchins usually spawn during these warmer months, hence leading to less succulent uni.

Sea urchin seasons can vary for different parts of the world with local fishing regulations affecting their availability. In recent times, we have also seen factors like climate change that drastically affect the quality and even availability of the uni.

Apart from the general guide above, it is also good to identify the species of uni that you prefer and note its season. Bafun Uni is typically available throughout the year with most Shiro Uni available during the spawning season of Bafun Uni.

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