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Mentaiko Sauce in a Tube (500g)
Mentaiko Sauce in a Tube (500g)

Mentaiko Sauce in a Tube (500g)

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Harvested mentaiko made into a sauce - stored in a tube ready for ease of storage and use. Often used in pasta or with meat to alleviate the charred umami of 

Relatively longer retention of quality when kept in freezer even after opening.

 What You Require For Aburi Salmon Mentai Don:

 Japanese Rice
1 Rice cooker cup (150g), yields 330 g of cooked rice - about 2 portions
You may be feeling a little lazy and want to grab the Microwavable steamed Japanese rice (Fuss free) option

- 150g salmon fillet per portion (Pan fried or grilled)
- 80g Ikura per portion
- Butane torch for charring the mentaiko sauce
Furikake seasoning, add to flavour
Japanese soy sauce (on the side)
Wasabi (on the side)

Mentaiko Sauce in a Tube (500g)